Peach-Almond Galette

When I was at the library with my daughters several weeks ago, I grabbed the book Chowderland, from the new books section, at the last second. It was an adorable, small-format cookbook with lots of lovely pictures of delicious-looking food. I let my daughter pick a recipe and she chose Plum-Almond Galette. I'm…continue reading

Ginger Blush Pops

On impulse, I bought a four-pack of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale when I was grocery shopping the other day. I had some rosé on hand after making this recipe. Finally, I had just acquired these Zoku freezer-pop molds, at my daughter's request (I made tangerine juice pops for her).  I thought the…continue reading

Rainbow Vegetable Bake

I've made variations of this scrumptious vegetable-and-tofu recipe several times and the amounts of vegetables needn't be exact. You can go by the guidelines below, or adjust based on what ratios look right to you and what you have on hand. I do think it is critical for the flavor and character of the recipe…continue reading

Fast Food: Brats & Grapes

One night, as I was finishing up a shift at work, I asked my friend Janesse what I should make for dinner. She told me about brats and grapes, which I had never heard of before. It sounded buttery, savory and delicious. I was intrigued. She told me how to make it and I've made…continue reading

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