What Healthy Snacks Do You Feed Your Kids?

A friend of mine recently asked me what snacks and treats I feed my girls. Well, my grocery shopping list for snacks is quite basic, but here you go! Every single time we go to Natural Grocers, I buy their dried organic mango. It has no added sugar, but is so sweet, it tastes like a…continue reading

Documenting Childhood: Interview Your Child

Awhile ago, I came across the idea to interview my children. While I spend every day with my girls, I thought this would be a good way to learn more about my older daughter's perspective, as well as to document what she is thinking about at this age. She is now four and a half,…continue reading

New Light

I got my fresh kitchen curtain sewn and hung yesterday and, when I was tying it up today, I was inspired to take some pictures of the light coming through the fabric. As I shot, some of the photos reminded me of Georgia O'Keeffe's flower paintings and I had fun seeing how many compositions I…continue reading

To-Do List

I have a quiet moment to myself this Saturday morning (the door is shut anyway!), as my husband makes pancakes and my daughters play in the living room, so I thought I would type out some things I would like to get done this week, to motivate myself. Some of these are things that were…continue reading
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