Spring Cleaning: How to Clean the Refrigerator

A clean refrigerator is an inspiration. An ideal time to clean it is before you go grocery shopping, when reserves are low. Then you have less to move around. To begin: Take everything out, including the drawers and shelves. Wipe the inside out…continue reading

Weekend Inspiration

We're snowed in and I'm enjoying the quiet day. My husband already took the girls out to play in the snowfall and now the three of them are watching The Wizard of Oz. I'm tempted to watch White Christmas later; the snow is really coming down! I'm resigning myself to winter today, though, that hasn't…continue reading

Ephemera: Five Things That Brightened My Week

This little Redwing pitcher, a "pre-inheritance" birthday gift from my husband's sweet grandmother. This tiny tissue, which my nineteen-month-old gave me when I was having a hard day. I find it amazing to be the recipient of empathy from my small children. This shampoo and…continue reading

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