Five Tips to be Diaper Free by Eighteen Months

With the method outlined below, you can begin saving two to four diapers per day, immediately. This translates to a savings of sixty to one hundred twenty diapers per month! My first daughter, who is now four, wore her last diaper when she was eighteen months old. My second daughter is now thirteen months old and my goal is to…continue reading

On Art & Motherhood: Sally Mann

When looking at the work of women who are mothers, in addition to being artists and writers, I am always curious to know how the timeline of motherhood fits into their body of work. Very often, their best work is made after they have become mothers. Whether this is due to the maturity that comes with age or being pushed…continue reading

October Dishwashing Challenge

I'm the primary dish washer in our family. We don't own a dishwasher and every day, dishes must be washed. I know this. I do wash dishes every day. Yet, my rhythm is off. More often than not, I go to bed leaving dirty dishes languishing in the sink and a sticky high-chair tray quietly…continue reading

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