Sweet & Spicy Ginger Green Smoothie

In the battle against the winter blues, this smoothie is a bright ray of sunshine. This recipe is inspired by my friend, Poppy, who got me on a ginger and lemon kick. During these dark, wintry days, the lively combination of those two zippy ingredients goes a long way to boost my spirit. Being sweet, it actually…continue reading

Spiced Banana Bread

With two little ones in the house, I buy bananas almost every time I go grocery shopping. Often, the bananas get eaten before they brown, but we have had many occasions to make this tried-and-true banana bread. My little girl is always eager to help with this recipe. I got the original recipe from The Martha…continue reading

Sun-dried Tomato Frittata

Dinner tonight. We ate homemade zucchini bread for lunch when we had a friend over for a tea party this afternoon. For dinner, I wanted to make something that tasted good and wholesome without a lot of effort. After our tea party, my girls and I were visiting a friend who runs a farm stand…continue reading

Strozzapreti Pasta Bake

After each of my babies was born, my friend Caitlin brought me a variation of this dish. As a result, this is a dish that reminds me of being loved and cared for. I remember every one of the meals that was brought to me when I had a newborn; the thoughtful gesture of bringing…continue reading

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