Pre-Fall Ten-Item Wardrobe Analysis

September is one of my very favorite months in the mountains. I love taking walks on sunny days with cool breezes, savoring every last drop of the last Palisade peaches, and commencing fall nesting, beginning with a thorough closet sort-out! As an aside, before I comment on my own closet, I was sorting through my daughters' summer…continue reading

Consigning Clothes

When mistake purchases are made or when my clothing needs change, I am glad that consignment is an option. I live near a really good consignment store and the owner gives the consignor 60% of whatever she sells the item for. If she doesn't sell them, you can retrieve the items at the end of two months,…continue reading

The Ten-Item Wardrobe for New Mothers

For new mothers who find themselves in sartorial straits, the ten-item wardrobe concept may be just the thing to set things right. Here I outline my personal history with clothes, why I love the ten-item wardrobe concept, and why I think other mothers, in particular, may also find it especially helpful. While many women may turn…continue reading

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