Sun-dried Tomato Frittata

Dinner tonight. We ate homemade zucchini bread for lunch when we had a friend over for a tea party this afternoon. For dinner, I wanted to make something that tasted good and wholesome without a lot of effort. After our tea party, my girls and I were visiting a friend who runs a farm stand…continue reading

Strozzapreti Pasta Bake

After each of my babies was born, my friend Caitlin brought me a variation of this dish. As a result, this is a dish that reminds me of being loved and cared for. I remember every one of the meals that was brought to me when I had a newborn; the thoughtful gesture of bringing…continue reading

Five Tips to be Diaper Free by Eighteen Months

With the method outlined below, you can begin saving two to four diapers per day, immediately. This translates to a savings of sixty to one hundred twenty diapers per month! My first daughter, who is now four, wore her last diaper when she was eighteen months old. My second daughter is now thirteen months old and my goal is to…continue reading
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