For some time, I’ve thought it would be fun to put together a dream ten-item wardrobe, made up of fair-trade fashion. The key word here is “dream”—the price points in this post are not reflective of my current budget (more on that in a future post!). Rather, I am simply sharing ethically-produced design that I find beautiful. For me, this serves to inspire selective thrifting and motivation to develop my sewing and knitting skills!

I thought I would do some window shopping and draw from a number of designers. However, when I saw Han Starnes’ current collection, I didn’t see the need to look further. Her collection is a one-stop shop for a cohesive ten-item wardrobe. Add a pretty dress or two (and maybe leggings to wear with them), a couple of t-shirts, oxfordssneakers, and boots and you have a ten-item wardrobe, complete with extras!

I just love everything about Han Starnes’ work. The pieces in this collection are so beautifully tailored. The restrained, minimalist shapes hold a quiet confidence and the subdued range of colors is just so.

So lovely.

(Photo via Han Starnes.)

What about you? Do you have a favorite designer this season? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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