Hello, dear readers! I felt reserved and pensive for much of this summer and haven’t posted since May. I’ve had a busy season, working for a landscaping company on Saturdays, nannying part-time during the week, and caring for my own daughters, and I’ve just begun the homeschooling year with my older daughter, who is beginning first grade (we’re using this Charlotte-Mason-based curriculum and loving it!). Still, I miss writing and I know I tend to feel more engaged with blogging as the days grow shorter. I thought I’d ease back into it by sharing a few lovely links.

I’ve been studying this omelet-making video. It looks so easy and, yet, I don’t have it down! Still, even an imperfect omelet made with Boursin cheese is really delicious.

I made this frozen peaches and cream cake for my daughter’s birthday and again for my dad’s birthday, two days later. Only, I used melting vanilla ice cream where it calls for yogurt! It was the best thing I’ve tasted this year and I ate five servings in three days. Then, I did a few extra lunges to try to make up for it.

I didn’t work out much at all this summer, because my workout partner—my husband—broke his foot (and I’m not very motivated on my own!). However, we are trying to get back into a routine of working out together at least a few times a week. Our favorite workout video to use is Mark Lauren’s bodyweight training app. We link it to our t.v. and love that you can sync your own music to listen to during the workout (the music softens during the instruction and then goes back up for the duration of the exercise).

My friend Liz recommended this book, about making a dollhouse from a cardboard box, and I snapped it up.

I also got my daughter this book for her birthday, a compilation of all of the work of one of my favorite artists from childhood.

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web with my girls for the first time and it’s taking me straight back to second grade!

I’m half an hour away from a grocery store with bulk bins, but I keep thinking about this zero-waste grocery shopping kit.

Pretty linen clothes, in color! Keeping these in mind for summer dress ideas next year.

Dream home! I’ve been thinking about these Swedish barnhouse plans for over ten years. I discovered them when I saw this enchanting hermit’s cabin on a tiny house blog.

What about you? Any pretty books or favorite summer recipes to share? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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Glad you are back! XOXO.

susan van wynen

lovely blog entry as always! Glad you are introducing the Flower Fairies. Wish there were more bulk grocery stores around to make zero-waste shopping simpler. For now, glad to just be able to use our own shopping bags. It’s a start at least! Started reading up on Charlotte Mason curriculum. Sounds so nice, sound, sane and holistically integrated. Searches have also led me to some good theological discussion on it. Very helpful! Oh and the Hermit’s cabin looks a lot like the little backyard house our Finnish friends have built, but theirs has a porch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dreams, and fun finds! Good to see you writing again.


Susan, Please share the theological discussion links. We’ve used aspects of Charlotte Mason off and on over the years.


Heather. This was a great post with awesome stuff. I love the linen items and messaged my cousin in England about them. They are lovely. Love the fairy books. Z would so enjoy it. Happy schooling.

Natasha Palmer

I think my girls would like that lovely fairy book when they are a bit older, thanks for sharing! I love your dream home idea!


Love the book suggestion! I’m always on the lookout for good books for the kids – books had so much influence on me growing up! Thanks, Heather!

Liz Irwin

Honored to be listed amongst this lovely list of links!! Happy you are back cause I’ve missed your words ! Love ya friend !


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