I am done with clothes shopping until September and I am happy to say that I stuck to my budget of $150. The picture above represents all of my secondhand finds. I strayed slightly from my shopping list. I completely lost patience hunting for shorts—after trying on many pairs, as well as many pairs of pants to potentially turn into shorts—and only bought one sporty pair, in which I will probably spend half the summer, sitting by the creek, while my daughters play in the water. An item that was not on my spring/summer shopping list, but was in my notes for fall is the denim shirt, which I was really happy to find. My three tee shirt additions, which were pretty much exactly what I wanted, came to a total of $6.50, and I was shopping with my mother when I found them and she offered to buy them (I don’t say no to gifts). I did end up buying a pair of thoughtfully-made Veja sneakers, with $20 off from Garmentory. Here is my complete budget breakdown for the season, including tax:

Veja Esplar Sneakers in Petal $105
Smartwool Secret Sleuth Socks $12.95
Sporty Shorts $14.63
Beige Tee $2
Whiskey Tee $2
Black Tee $2.50
Denim Shirt $14.63
Contribution from My Mother -$6.50
Total Cash Budget Spent $147.21

In addition to these budgeted items, I was also gifted three tops from Everlane, which I am looking forward to sharing with you! Lastly, I also added a Baserange sweatshirt, a heavily-hinted-at birthday present from my mother.

I feel strong in my resolve to not spend any more money on clothes until fall and, with that, to avoid wasting time and energy internet window shopping—a weakness of mine. To this end, I’ve unsubscribed from all sales-oriented emails, which have a way of sneaking into my inbox. I want to live contentedly with my capsule wardrobe, without needless distraction.

Ten-Item Wardrobe Spring/Summer 2017 post coming soon!

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Can’t wait to see your Ten Item Wardrobe Spring/Summer edition. It’s always nice to be gifted clothing items that you actually want. Good job with staying within your budget! I have trouble wasting time & energy internet window shopping, also. You’ve inspired me to live contentedly with my ten item wardrobe as well.


You are my hero! A right-sized list…a right-sized budget…thrifting…fair fashion…contentment. Nailed it! :)


Good for you! The one thing I would like to add to my wardrobe is a denim shirt so I’m adding it to my Goodwill list for Thursday. Buying used items does kind of bother me (but then I think of all the women who have tried on a dress that I buy in a department store!!) so I wash them twice (washing machine or dishwasher) in hot water. After that, I’m good to go!


Wow. That’s amazing. Do you have any tips for finding good thrift stores? Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve done it but the ones close to my home are especially grungy. I just bought some things from ThredUp for the first time but it seemed pricey to me. It was $27 for three items for my toddler (although 2 out of 3 were name brand).

Natasha Palmer

Very encouraging post! I also waste too much time internet window shopping, so I think I’m going to follow your lead and unsubscribe from those emails that get me distracted in the first place! Since I almost have everything I need for summer anyway, there’s really no need for me to be spending time on that! I like the idea of not having to think about it all spring and summer :)
Actually, shorts is the only thing left on my list.. So hard to find! I might just stick to skirts and dresses this year to save more frustration.
Looking forward to your next post!

Kate Holmes

Being a fan of both traveling and the ten item capsule wardrobe, I actually look for thrift stores while on the road. I highly recommend Wabi Sabi in Moab, Utah. The hospice store in Ft. Bragg, California. Any thrift store near Santa Barbara, California. Jitters and Shakes in downtown San Francisco. The Habitat Store in Port Townsend, Washington. And my final favorite was a store near Flathead Lake, Montana where western wear was amazing and cheap.


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