I thought it would be fun to put together Valentine’s Day gifts for my girly girls this year. I like gifts that are usable, as opposed to merely decorative, and I tend toward gifts that are consumable. I used cloth bags that we already had around the house to package the items together. Here’s what I picked out:

Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks and Rifle Paper Co. Pencils. Fancy notebooks and pencils are the sort of thing that I’m always tempted to buy for myself, but usually have the restraint to resist. However, Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect excuse to get this pink & coral pair for my daughters (I may keep the black one for myself!).

Piggy Paint Nail Polish. A few months ago, in a fit of decluttering and greening the home, I tossed my small collection of five conventional nail polishes. I haven’t missed them, but my daughters have! Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, odorless, and water-based alternative to conventional nail polish and I think the colors in this set will be right up their alley.

Out of Africa Shea Butter Lip Balm. My daughters are always getting into my lip balms and gumming them up. If you have children, I’m sure you can relate. They need their own. Awhile ago, they had Doc McStuffins lip balm (or as my two-year-old called it, “Goc McStuffins mip on”), but that stuff was glittery, gooey, gross. Of course, they loved it, but I think they will be just as excited to get real lip balm, with fun flavors and a giraffe on it. Also, while this comes in a four-pack, I think I may just give them one each for now and save the extras for when they inevitably lose their first one.

Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Rose Soap. My daughters love flowery soaps and this was on sale at the grocery store. Also, I liked that it matched the Valentine’s Day color scheme. I’m not sure that I’ve tried Dr. Bronner’s bar soap before, so I’m curious to see what it’s like (though I tend to favor herbal or unscented soap, myself).

Pure Organic Pineapple Passionfruit Fruit Sandwich & Wacky Apple Organic Wild Berry Flat Fruit. Fruit condensed into candy-like form, in pink packaging.

I’ve never given my daughters gifts for Valentine’s Day before, but I loved putting these sets together and I’m sure it will set a precedent for the future!

I would love to know, do you give your children Valentine’s Day gifts? If so, do you have any go-to gifts that you repeat year after year? Do you have any family traditions around the holiday?

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Sounds like such fun! I’m totally missing being able to do Valentine treats this year. So glad you’re doing it! Cool choices, too!


This is my first year to do it for my daughter. I’m heading out this afternoon in search of some goodies, so this definitely helps. I’m thinking of some hands-on crafty stuff like Pom poms, popsicle sticks, clay, and whatever else seems fun. Such a cute list though!

Stephanie Hay

Beautiful gifts! My mother always gave me special little gifts on Valentine’s Day morning and I plan on carrying on the tradition with my own daughter. So fun!! I’m sure your girls will love it!!

Natasha Palmer

This is a great tradition to start! I will have to start it! Love the gift choices, they are so sweet!


Years ago I bought red baskets with heart cut-outs at the dollar store. If my children are home, that’s what I put their gifts in. Although I’ve given them a number of different things, they’ll probably tell you that all I ever gave them was a new toothbrush and other dental hygiene products that they needed when they had braces! I usually included stocking stuffer type gifts and a card. This year, I had to mail their gifts. I made iced heart-shaped cut-out cookies. I also made pajamas for my daughter using fabric with her college icons, cute socks and a mug that says, “You Are My Sunshine.” (I think that’s the third mug I’ve given her with that written on but that’s the song she remembers me singing to her when she was young.) For my son, I ordered a variety of ink bottles as he’s all into fountain pens. The gifts certainly have changed over the years and I don’t include toothbrushes anymore!


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