We are well into winter and I’ve stuck with my original plan for my Fall/Winter Ten-Item Wardrobe 2016. As I noted in my original post, I had a credit for Elizabeth Suzann, due to a return, and I wanted to take my time to choose how to spend it, after determining what would be most useful, in conjunction with what I already had.

Originally, I had purchased the Cecilia Pant. The waist fit perfectly, but the back was strangely bubbly and unflattering on me. It didn’t look fitted like it does on the model and the fabric felt too fancy and like something I would be uncomfortable wearing while playing with my daughters.

I waited several months to try another option. After spending time wearing my current ten-item wardrobe, I thought it would be so nice to try a wide-leg pant, to contrast with the silhouettes of my two pairs of skinny jeans. Also, I realized that a third bottom would be very helpful with laundry. Furthermore, I wanted something that was comfortable, but could also be dressed up. The Florence Pant meets all of those criteria!

Elizabeth Suzann had a sale in December, so that’s when I made my order (due to the sale, I ended up ordering a second item, the Eva Top, in Eggshell, but the high neckline didn’t work for me, so I have another credit to save and carefully consider!). I received the pants in January and have been enjoying them so much.

The linen fabric is a nice, rich black and is thick and soft. I love the vintage feel of the high waist and wide, cropped leg. For a more dressed up feel (as dressed up as I get, these days), I wear the pants with my Everlane silk long-sleeve tee, tucked in, and my black ballet flats or black boots. The pants are equally suitable for wearing as loungewear, with a sweatshirt. I wear them for date night, as well as ordinary, mothering days. They would look just as great with high-tops as with high-heels. You can even wear them to bed!

I love the style of the wide leg and I feel artsy and avant garde when I’m wearing them. The sturdy fabric has kept me comfortably warm this winter, but I think they will get a lot of use through spring and into summer. They bring a welcome element of style to my simple wardrobe and have quickly become one of my favorite things to wear this season. When trying to stick to a small wardrobe, I think it makes such a difference to have versatile, well-made pieces like this!

What about you? Have you made any additions to your simple wardrobe this winter, that have made a big difference? What is your go-to item this season? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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