A few years ago, when I was cashiering, a woman in my line was talking to her friend about how her hair always ends up back to the same style, even if she tries to switch it up for awhile. She laughed as she said that another friend had told her, “That’s your resting hair rate!”

A couple of years ago, when I was experiencing postpartum hair loss, I got a pixie cut to start fresh, and I feel like I’m still growing it out, even though my hair is a few inches past my shoulders now. Last time I got my hair trimmed, to even it out, I brought the picture below into my stylist and told her it was my goal to grow out my bangs to full-length, for an angled lob.

Photo by Kristin Ess of The Beauty Department.

That was in August and I had already been growing my bangs out since March. Now they’re chin-length, but, parted on the side, they still don’t stay tucked behind my ear and have been driving me crazy.

I’ve tried growing out my bangs before. Every time, once I get to this point, where they’re getting closer to staying pulled back, my forehead always starts to feel too bare and my look too stark. So, before I ever reach my goal of fully-grown-out bangs, I end up looking at reference pictures that relate to my resting hair rate: long hair with bangs.

The women I always look up first for those reference pictures all happen to be French singer-actresses.

Françoise Hardy

Chantal Goya

Charlotte Gainsbourg

They have the best bangs!

I’m still on the fence about whether I should keep trying to get used to not having bangs and see if I start to like the look once they’re longer, or if I should go ahead and cut them again. But if I decide to cut them, I still have to decide what style I’d like to try this time around! I’m leaning toward the thicker style, as Françoise Hardy’s are pictured here, but I’m not sure.

What’s your resting hair rate? Do you like to try new styles or do you prefer to keep the same one for decades? Do you have any go-to celebrities for haircut reference pictures? Did anyone else cut their hair super short because of postpartum hair loss? I would love to hear!

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My vote is always for bangs!!


I tend to think that bangs look more youthful and fresh without sacrificing credibility, but they’re also more work. Since you’re SO close, you should keep growing out your bangs and see what you think in a few months – you can always cut them again!

The only times in my life that I’ve actually enjoyed wearing my hair loose (it’s usually up) was during my pregnancies. It was thick and glossy and seemed to fall so nicely! Then, within a month after my children were born, I was back to bleh. (Of course, I had other things occupying my mind at the time…)

Natasha Palmer

I can totally relate! After my pregnancy I cut my hair short and did the diagonal bob, even though I almost always have side bangs (my resting hair rate!). I loved the look of it, but did feel a bit bare without my bangs and just ended up getting bangs anyway..so then it was a bob with short bangs, which worked, but wasn’t as cute as all the pictures of the long bang bobs..
I think you would look great with any of the bangs in the pictures shown here. :)


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