I am the opposite of the girl who goes to Sephora to relax. I like to find my favorite products and stick with them, adhering to a relatively minimalist beauty routine. In large part, this is because I hate to waste money on products that are not tried and true. I have a ritual of refreshing my look and my makeup bag once a year; most liquid and cream-based makeups expire within one year, so I like to make an event of replacing what needs to be replaced as a treat for my birthday, occasionally trying out one or two new items at that time.

We live in a polluted world. Yet, I like to think that every choice we make about what we put in and on our bodies makes a difference. I’ve sought out products that are as natural and eco-friendly (read, human-friendly) as possible and I truly enjoy my current routine. Purchasing from companies with consistent, strong statements on product purity and sustainability takes the guesswork out of the hunt for quality beauty products. My longtime go-to company for skincare is evanhealy. I discovered Kjaer Weis certified organic makeup last spring and have loved using it.

Evanhealy’s beautifully-packaged products are organic-based. Furthermore, evanhealy works with family farms, tribal villages, and self-governed women’s cooperatives to create their sustainably-made products.

I’m afraid that more often than not, after a long day of parenting, I fall into bed without washing my face. However, taking time for self-care in the evening is something I’d like to be more intentional about this year, as I find it so relaxing. Washing and moisturizing my face in the evening lowers my blood pressure! Evanhealy’s Rose Cleansing Milk, with a base of organic rose geranium water, is immensely fragrant and hydrating. It delivers a spa-like experience to the humblest of bathrooms.

Whether I wash my face in the evening or in the shower in the morning, I always moisturize after cleansing. When wanting a lighter moisturizer, I’ve been using evanhealy’s Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid, which is infused with lavender. My favorite rich moisturizer is evanhealy’s Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf. I’ve been using this moisturizer for four years now and it’s still my number one! To switch things up, I also occasionally moisturize with a mask of straight olive oil or coconut oil. For lips, evanhealy’s Whipped Shea Butter for Lips can’t be beat. It is richly emollient, smells like real vanilla beans and is simply best thing I’ve ever tried for lips.

I’ve experimented with makeup over the years, ninth grade probably representing the year of heaviest use! I currently own only a few makeup products and I use them sparingly. If I’m at home with the girls all day, I don’t wear makeup, but I do regularly use it before leaving the house. I like to feel just a little more put together than I do with a bare face. I’ve long admired that clean, slightly-polished look that makes you wonder for a moment whether someone actually is wearing makeup or not (Tilda Swinton is my makeup role model). Basically, most days I am trying to replicate the clear skin, rosy cheeks, and dark lashes that my little daughters naturally have!

Again, I always moisturize as a base for makeup. If I’m feeling extra-responsible (usually during the first two months of summer), I apply MyChelle Sun Shield unscented sunscreen. I love this sunscreen for the face, because it feels so light and absorbs well.

When applying makeup, I first use this blush brush for a light overall application of Kjaer Weis foundation in Lightness. If I want to build up the foundation as a concealer, I use the foundation brush.  I am so delighted to finally have found a cream foundation that isn’t too pink or too orange for my complexion. It yields a dewy, fresh look and doesn’t muddle my true palor! It is the highest-quality and most gentle face makeup I’ve tried. Also, while the compact appears small, my first one lasted seven months.

For blush, I use Kjaer Weis’ lightest shade, Embrace, which is a subtle, nude pink. I apply it with the same blush brush that I use for foundation. I’m still using the first blush I purchased, nine months ago, and it looks like it will last me through an entire year.

In addition to being made with beautiful ingredients, the heavy, metal packaging of the Kjaer Weis line is gorgeous and has a luxurious feel. The quality packaging is a one-time purchase that can be refilled with minimal-waste, recyclable refills.

I also use Kjaer Weis mascara. When I was ordering my makeup, the online shop was sold out of their signature packaging for mascara, so I ordered a refill tube, which has worked perfectly well for me on its own. The surprising and delightful thing about this mascara is that it smells like roses! I never had pretty-smelling eyelashes before. The formula is infused with essential oils of lavender, rose, and rosemary. I like the brush and the subtle, fluttery enhancement it gives my lashes when applied lightly, though it is also possible to build up coverage with this formula. For a natural-looking, clump-free application, I often wet my eyelashes, with water on my fingertip, before applying the mascara with the wand. Another trick, for an even more subtle tint, is to dab a little mascara on your fingertip, mix with a drop of water and use your finger as a brush. Recommended length of use for mascara is typically three months. However, after nine months of use, this mascara still seems perfectly good, so I’m still using it.

It may be that my mascara has lasted so long because I don’t necessarily use it every week. Really, I’m on-again-off-again with mascara. Sometimes I go years without wearing it. In college I asked my close friend, “Do you think I look better with mascara?” and she answered forthrightly, “Heather, we all do.” Yet, looking at Tilda Swinton, doesn’t she look more striking when she isn’t wearing mascara? (not that I look anything like Tilda Swinton!) And, actually, my husband favors clean lashes, saying that people look more like themselves with bare lashes. I don’t know. Dark, thick lashes are one look, clean lashes are another. Sometimes I feel like wearing mascara, sometimes I don’t.

At any rate, I am so pleased with the performance of the Kjaer Weis line and I am sure it will be a staple in my beauty routine for years to come.

I very often stick to my Whipped Shea Butter for Lips, for a natural lip, but sometimes I like a little more color. Though not organic, I really like the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms. They have a smooth, light feel and the can be applied lightly for a subtle tint or built up for richer color. In an uncharacteristic shopping spree, I bought all three of these colors in the same month. The Red Dahlia shade is my current favorite and is what I’m wearing in the photo above. Sweet Violet is a pretty, fresh pink. Hibiscus is a bit more orange than the color on the packaging.

Additional Natural Body Care Favorites:

Andalou Naturals Argan & Sweet Orange Shampoo (3-pack)

Andalou Naturals Argan Oil Plus Deep Conditioner This formula feels so different from their Argan & Sweet Orange Conditioner. I found that one to be a bit filmy, while this one is great.

Andalou Naturals Argan Oil Plus Leave-In Conditioner Such a good detangler to use on children’s hair.

Plantlife Comfrey Root Soap Smells heavenly.

Bull Dog Cedarwood & Patchouli Deodorant During the almost four years that I worked at Whole Foods, I tried just about every brand of natural deodorant they carried. Frankly, none of them work 100% of the time. However, I do like the smell of this cedarwood one.

Acure Fragrance Free Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion


Grace Eyeshadow for a soft, smokey look.

Do you have any natural or organic beauty favorites to recommend? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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