Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? If it were up to me, Halloween would be one quiet evening of pumpkin carving and up-cycled costumes, with no thought of candy or gore. However, there are several people in my life who are very into the holiday, not to mention the fact that there are displays in every public place. It’s felt like a month-long marathon! This week, we had a school party, a library party, and today is a health food store party. While some aspects of the festivities have been fun, I’m looking forward to moving on. With that, here are a few lovely links with thoughts of cozying up in November.

While I’ve been primarily a stay-at-home mom for the last two years, I have a couple of endeavors I would love to put more time into. I really enjoyed Lissa’s blog post on how she balances being a work-from-home mother of a three-year-old, Balancing Home and Work.

The Australian company, Little Winnie, has the cutest organic sleepwear for children. I adore the Blossom Nightie and Long John Pyjama Set. Perfection.

Our one-hundred-year-old cottage rental is a building that was re-purposed in 1972 and there is no proper lighting where our dining table is, so, during the darker months, we use beeswax candles to light the table for dinner. I’ve been wanting to try this bayberry-beeswax blend. We’ve also been considering this plug-in pendant and clear glass shade for added light and cheer.

I’ve been a devoted wearer of SmartWool socks for years. I finally bought these for my daughters and they love them.

It’s early, but for relatives who normally buy Christmas presents for my girls, I’m nudging in the direction of books and art supplies. We go to the library a couple times a week, but there are some picture books I would love to have around for keeps. The current top three on my list are Once Upon a Northern Night (and anything else illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault), The Moon is Going to Addy’s House, and Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey. Let me know if you have any picture book recommendations to share! I would love to hear in the comments below.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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