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While daily monotonous tasks, such as dishes, can get me down, I love the event of spring cleaning. I feel energized by the promise of a completely refreshed space.

My kitchen is small and orange and cracked. However, it’s hardworking and deserves some spring cleaning love. My kitchen is also my laundry room and children’s art supply storage, therefore, this personal checklist encompasses those things as well. With two little ones about, I won’t be able to get everything done at once, but I’ll be glad to know each item was completed at some point this month.

  1. Clean the window.
  2. Wash and iron the curtain.
  3. Shine up the water filter.
  4. Wipe down the walls, baseboards, and cabinets.
  5. Scrub the stove bowls and detail clean the stove knobs.
  6. Clean the oven (I admit, I’ve been putting this off for years).
  7. Wash the floor under the oven and refrigerator.
  8. Clean the refrigerator, inside and out.
  9. Shine up the sink.
  10. Reorganize the pantry cupboard.
  11. Reorganize and declutter the art cupboard.
  12. Wipe down the washing machine and laundry basket.
  13. Wash the floor.
  14. Wipe down the trashcan and empty the trash.

Daydreamy Things for the Kitchen:

Does anyone else have laundry that hooks up to the kitchen sink? Do you have certain times you run it, so you can get your dishes and cooking done around it, or do you just wing it? Anything else to add? I took out my microwave, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

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