I’ve been feeling quiet and reserved the past few weeks, as I’ve been wrestling the demons of winter. Thankfully, the sky is blue today and it’s starting to warm up, though we likely have two more months of snow, here in the mountains. Still, there are sure to be plenty of clear, seasonable days in the mix. That’s something I love about Colorado—the weather is unpredictable, inconstant.

Our table looks hopeful and ready to welcome spring, with a white, antique tablecloth, embroidered with butterflies, and a fragrant $2 stem of freesia from the flower shop. These small things make a world of difference in our little home. We hadn’t had fresh flowers on the table since the week of Valentine’s and I felt like I needed them today. Something else that makes a difference in my life, as a stay-at-home mother, is the good things that are shared on the internet. These are a few links that have brightened my days during the last couple of weeks.

  1. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen by the husband-wife renovating and decorating team, Jersey Ice Cream Co. This home is gorgeous and I thought my friend Liz would share my admiration of the rosy pink sofa.
  2. Another home tour with a wonderful use of pink was posted on Cup of Jo this week. I found this tour to be quite moving, as its aim was to breathe new life into the home of Lucy Goddard, a year after her husband’s passing. I’ve been meaning to read her late husband Paul Kalanithi’s book, When Breath Becomes Air.
  3. I made these date bars twice this week (with the addition of cloves), the first time because I had all of the ingredients on hand already, the second time because I wanted more. The second time I made them, I only used one spoonful of sugar in the crumb and they tasted just as good as the first batch. Next time, I plan to make them without any added sugar and see how they turn out.
  4. My daughter is constantly asking me if we can buy fresh blueberries, to which I reply, no, because they are too expensive at this time of year. However, I made blueberry banana bread this week, modifying this recipe. I omitted the nutmeg and cloves and added one-half cup freeze-dried blueberries. It was scrummy.
  5. I’ve had the same thoughts about thrifting.
  6. I broke my shopping fast early, to buy a couple of basics. I bought this sweatshirt in a second color, because I wear the one I bought last summer so much. I have the light grey marled and the grey marled. I love it because it fits perfectly and washes so well. The one I bought last year has been washed many, many times and it still looks like new. Also, I indulged in this thick, striped tee in grey cream. Every time I wear it, my husband says, “Nice shirt!” Comfort clothes.
  7. My friend Caitlin is always an inspiration to me and her cheerful Instagram for her handmade pillow shop, Bright July, has some lovely inspiration for home décor. Moreover, the process photos of her work make me want to create. It’s funny, I live an hour away from Caitlin and I saw on her Instagram that there are flower blossoms on the trees where she lives. I was taken aback, as I’ve not yet seen any blossoms in the mountains this year!
  8. As I still dream of being an artful food blogger one day, Elizabeth Kirby of Local Milk is currently my greatest inspiration. Her blog, as well as her Instagram, is gorgeous and she often posts encouraging words with her Instagram photos. I truly appreciated these words on work and creativity: “I choose (and it’s a daily choice met with more or less success each day) to breathe in the reality that stillness is incredibly productive, that thought given increases quality, and that leisure breeds creativity. And I breathe out the dogma that if it isn’t work or housework, it’s an indulgence. The virtue of busy is a lie. Give yourself permission to slow down. The returns are so much greater than the returns of speed both at work, at home, and in and of yourself.”
  9. I often think of this quote, by Caitlin Moran (a different Caitlin than my friend Caitlin), when I’m feeling on the edge, “…always remember that, nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a full-on nervous breakdown—you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit. You’d be amazed how easily and repeatedly you can confuse the two. Get a big biscuit tin.” The rest of her irreverent, yet sweet essay, written to her daughter, is here.
  10. This week, we watched a documentary about Brian Wilson and have been listening to the SMILE album. My daughter’s been singing Vega-Tables and it’s adorable. “Mom and Daddy said, Sleep a lot, eat a lot, brush ’em like crazy. Run a lot, do a lot, never be lazy.” Such good advice.

I hope these sources lend joy and light to your day and that you have a great weekend!

Much Love,


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