A friend of mine recently asked me what snacks and treats I feed my girls. Well, my grocery shopping list for snacks is quite basic, but here you go!

Every single time we go to Natural Grocers, I buy their dried organic mango. It has no added sugar, but is so sweet, it tastes like a treat. My girls and I both love it and consume it in quantities. I’ve found that the Natural Grocers brand is softer and much more moist than the dried mango in bulk at Whole Foods, as the packaging keeps it from drying out too much. I love to find snacks like this that my daughters really love and are an easy yes, because they have no added sugar. Mangoes and raisins are the primary dried fruits I buy, but in the winter, I occasionally buy dried cherries, dates, and strawberries as well.


Apples with almond butter are another favorite snack around here. Or just apples by themselves. When I was young, one of my mom’s friends who had a lot of kids said that the dentist always praised the dental hygiene of her children and she said their teeth and gums were in such good shape because they ate a lot of apples. Also, one of my friends said that her mom always called apples Nature’s Toothbrush. I love Justin’s Almond Butter and, for a treat, Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter is so good. I buy tons of fresh fruit when it is seasonal, but in the winter, it’s primarily apples and bananas and frozen fruit for smoothies. The girls go crazy over frozen berries, too.


Cheese and crackers are our final go-to. For gluten-free crackers, I love Mary’s Gone Crackers and I like several of the Back to Nature crackers for regular crackers. I usually get the Stoneground Wheat. Really, though, I keep thinking I should try making my own crackers. The Great British Baking Show once had an episode where the contestants all made “biscuits” and the flavors they came up with looked amazing. Have you ever tried making your own crackers?

Finally, I love pairing apples and cheese together!

What about you? What are your favorite healthy snacks to feed your children, as well as yourself? It’s always great to get more ideas!

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