I got my fresh kitchen curtain sewn and hung yesterday and, when I was tying it up today, I was inspired to take some pictures of the light coming through the fabric. As I shot, some of the photos reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings and I had fun seeing how many compositions I could get out of it.


Here is my simple curtain, in my simple kitchen. Previously, I had sewn two curtains with a Heather Ross print that was orange (which matched the cracked counter tops) with white and green and red roses on it. I enjoyed them for the first five years or so, but I’ve been wanting to change them out for at least the last year. Walking into the kitchen in the morning is much lovelier now, the light clear and untinged with orange. Never mind the dirty windows. They are one hundred years old and impossible to clean, the wood splintering and crumbling. The giant stainless steal unit is our water filter.


I didn’t realize, until I was going through the photo card, that my husband had snapped a few shots of my hands when I was fiddling with the curtain the day before.


It’s refreshing to take a moment in the day to forget everything else and give yourself over to looking at things in a new light, to engage what Sally Mann calls “the intensely seeing eye.” I woke up full of creative energy today and there is so much more I want to do; yet, a few curtain photos will have to suffice for now. I hope that whatever your day is like, you can take a few minutes to recharge and pursue your creative interests, too!

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Laurie Twibell

Well, hopefully my day will include the plumber being able to figure out what to do with the vibrating pipe that woke us up in the night and hopefully the orthodontist will be able to tweak the wire that is cutting the inside of my mouth! I’m not sure how creative I will be today.


Beautiful! I thought of O’Keefe, too, when I saw the very first picture! I liked your old curtain, too, but I think you will enjoy your new one. I love curtains that allow the light to filter through…as you can tell from my house! It creates art all of its own, the shadows, sun and even the dust particles đŸ˜„. With road work going on we have lots of extra dust art right now! Oh, and enjoy your old windows, they are objects of art as well!


Heather, what a beautiful post and what a gorgeous curtain! Keep those creative juices flowing, I love it!!!


Lovely photos and inspiration like always dear cousin :)


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