This handwritten quote, from Anna. I had forgotten that I had signed up to be on the waiting list for her inspiring art project, continue the thread. When I discovered the beautifully addressed and wax-sealed envelope in my P.O. box, I wondered who on earth sent me a letter from San Francisco! The quote she chose for me was perfect. I love the concept of Anna’s thoughtful, giving endeavor.


This old, green laundry basket, which proved to be the perfect first sled for my girls.


These kooky water bottles for my girls. My four-year-old asked me for the Hello Kitty one and I said yes, thinking ahead to summer road trips! Of course, baby couldn’t be left out and we had to pick one out for her on our next trip to the grocery store. They’ve both been drinking a lot more water than usual!


The start of a fresh, new month, one month closer to spring!


These lovely visitors, always.

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