Icy, bubbling pools and getting out for walks, highs in the 30s or not!


This fresh basil and the homemade pizza I made with it.


This Bhakti Chai, one of my favorite treats.


This first painting session and those little hands, which are becoming more purposeful every day.


These paintings by my daughters, which complement each other so well.

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Laurie Twibell

I love basil on a roma tomato pizza! I’m looking forward to my first meal after my braces are off (should be mid June) and my current plan is pizza at Mellow Mushroom. I also have paintings my children made as preschoolers on the same day with the same colors. They totally reflect their personalities! Katie’s is crazy messy and David’s is much more conservative.


Heather, I want you to teach me photography one of these days. Your entries are always so beautifully done!

You’re inspiring me to be more cognizant of the aesthetics of the everyday. Your daughters are so lucky to have you teach them about beauty and guide their own endeavors toward making it for themselves…

Auntie Valorie

I agree with Silvia, your photos are so beautiful! You’re a great Mother and teacher to your precious girls.


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