When mistake purchases are made or when my clothing needs change, I am glad that consignment is an option. I live near a really good consignment store and the owner gives the consignor 60% of whatever she sells the item for. If she doesn’t sell them, you can retrieve the items at the end of two months, if you wish, though I’ve never bothered to check back about that. I only take in things that I know are in good condition. I trim any little threads that are hanging off and I make sure everything is clean and ironed, looking the best it can. While I know selling online is an option, I like the immediacy and convenience of taking things to the consignment store.

For the past few months, I’ve kind of felt like my closet was pretty much cleaned out. But I’ve been on a purging kick this week, feeling very decisive, and I found eight things to clear out and sell. I miss hanging out and sorting through closets with my sisters and friends, so, for those who are interested, I’ll go through my purging thought process here. There are things I really liked about most every item, but things that kept me from wearing them. Lessons learned, hopefully:

  1. A crazy patterned scarf. This is so not me. Like, woah. I don’t know what I was thinking except that it was soft and it matched the pinkish-purple sweater I already had.
  2. A soft gray t-shirt. Too low and too short.
  3. A soft chambray shirt. Chambray shirts are probably my favorite thing, but this one has weird slits up the sides and can only be worn with a tank under it, which annoys me. Back to the consignment store from whence it came.
  4. A wool sweater. Shrunk in the wash, but it still looks nice and I think she might be able to sell it as an extra small. If not, I will go into my wool bag for crafts.
  5. A navy poplin. I remember when I ordered this, I thought it was going to be the perfect thing forever. But it collects lint, it takes forever to iron and the cropped cut does not work for my mothering lifestyle. Will not be missed.
  6. A navy tweed bomber jacket. I like the soft fabric, but it has this faux-leather trim that I’m always nervous about scratching. I don’t feel at ease in it and I always wonder if the boxy cut looks weird on me.
  7. A black and white tweed light jacket. I bought this and the black wool skirt, hanging at the end, about three years ago, impulsively, from a final sale rack. I believe I have worn them twice. I kept holding on to them, in case…I have an interview? I think it’s time to let go. And the jacket is short, I never knew what to wear under it, and has a weirdly chunky zipper.
  8. A black wool skirt.

I’m relieved to have these cleared out my closet and it will be nice to have a little extra cash waiting for me at the shop, once my six-month clothes shopping fast is over in April!

What about you? Do you like to consign or have you had any luck selling old clothes online? Or do you prefer to donate any unwanted items?

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