Grey is my favorite color and grey plaid, in particular, has been catching my attention this season. It looks sophisticated and cozy at the same time. At first, I was planning to make a gift guide featuring only grey plaid, but then I thought of a few other lovely items in grey that would nicely round out a gift guide, beginning with this sweater:


Loche Ombré Crew This men’s sweater looks enveloping and inviting and the grey scale reminds me of my art school days. It’s at least $300 more than I could imagine spending on a sweater, but it’s so gorgeous I wanted to include it, for the sake of design.


Strand Duffel I think bags are such a good gift. It seems one can always use another bag, especially if it’s grey and a compact size.


Ivy Heather Wool Shirtdress Shirtdresses are a versatile item of clothing to gift, as they can be dressed up with tights or worn comfortably with jeans or pants and, as with sweaters, they don’t have to fit too precisely. This one looks so soft and pretty.


Washable Wool Plaid Blanket & Sham I love the idea of a wool blanket that can be easily washed.


Hollyridge Tunic Like the previous shirtdress, this looks versatile and adorable.


Eva Sweater Dress One last cozy, loose dress. Sweater dresses are the best idea.


i+w Grey Watch Cap A comfy cap. Caps are another gift that I don’t think you can have too many of or give too many of if you live in a cold climate.


Oxbow Wool Wrap Scarf This scarf is elegant and I also like this picture, because it reminds me of the Log Lady in Twin Peaks.


Cashmere Crew This sweater reminds me of Oreo cookie crumbs in milk.


Sydney & Granada New pajamas are always a nice gift and these look especially nice.

(All photos for this post were found in the links provided.)

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