I rarely need to buy my girls clothes. Both my mother-in-law and mom love to shop consignment stores and sales and have generously given the girls many items of clothing, as have great grandparents and aunts. Therefore, it usually feels immoderate to think about buying them clothes. Yet, they’re only going to be little once and sometimes I wish I had more of an opportunity to pick out what they’re wearing. When I do go shopping for them, it is normally at a consignment store, to attempt to fill in the gaps, or at Hanna Andersson, for matching pajamas (my daughter loves to match with her baby sister).

Still, I can’t help but imagine curating perfect little wardrobes and I’ve spent quite some time perusing my favorite children’s boutiques online. I love the ten-item wardrobe concept for organizing my own clothes (more on that, soon!) and having pared-down wardrobes for my girls, made up of items that either stand on their own or coordinate with other thoughtfully-chosen items, would be dreamy.

Curating this ideal wardrobe was so much fun, like playing paper dolls. Many of the dresses look like they would be quite simple to make, if one knew how to sew clothes. While I’ve made simply-structured quilts and taken a few classes on seams, I have yet to learn how to sew clothes. Also, I don’t know when I’ll have the time. My mom used to sew clothes for me and my siblings and I don’t know how she did it!

For this wardrobe concept, I began with ten core items—with a limited color palette of navy, red, charcoal and blush pink—and then curated outerwear, pajamas, stockings and shoes. As you will see, for girls’ clothes, I have an affinity for simple, comfortable shapes, with sweet, feminine details. I hope you will enjoy perusing these lovely things that can mix and match. Hopefully this compilation will lend inspiration for simplifying or building your child’s wardrobe.

The ten core items are all from companies which design and manufacture their clothes in the USA, with sustainable and ethical practices: Mabo, Winter Water Factory and Soor Ploom. Everything these companies make is lovely.

Ten Core Items

Artboard 1
  1. Annie Pinafore in Floral Corduroy. A sweet floral print that can be paired with either the blush shirt or the striped shirt. I love stripes with floral!
  2. Organic Cotton Striped Nautical Tee in Natural/Charcoal. A cozy staple with a French flair.
  3. Georgie Dress in Floral. I’m considering this one for my baby for Christmas. It’s such a beautiful, rich print.
  4. Loe Dress in Petal. The most elegant dress made out of French terry—sweatshirt material!
  5. Annie Pinafore in Crimson Corduroy. I’m considering this one for my four-year-old for Christmas, to pair with the Georgie dress for baby. Again, this pinafore can be paired with either of the long-sleeved tees.
  6. Madison Dress in Winter Forest Red. I love this one because it matches the surroundings of our home!
  7. Organic Cotton Drawstring Leggings in Midnight. My daughter loves wearing knit leggings with everything, including dresses.
  8. Organic Cotton Drawstring Leggings in Graphite. One of my favorite colors and another neutral that goes with everything.
  9. Organic Cotton Lap Tee in Blush. Another of my favorite colors. Feminine and soft. Can be paired with all of the pinafores and leggings.
  10. Domino Dress in Polar Bears Midnight Blue. Such a pretty winter print and my daughter loves polar bears.

Sweaters, Outerwear & Pajamas

Artboard 2
  1. Sledding Scarf. The scarf and hat are both by Misha * Puff, which has the most darling knit things. I need to (re)learn to knit, in addition to sew!
  2. Fluffy Cable Sweater Hoodie. Neutral and cozy.
  3. Flyaway Marled Cardigan. Another neutral that can go with anything. The leaf-detailing on this is lovely.
  4. Widgeon Coat. A classic little girls’ coat.
  5. Kate Spade Somerset Cardigan. I love the bright red color and the bow detail at the wrists.
  6. Tree Ring Bonnet. To match the Sledding Scarf.
  7. Organic Cotton Spotted Pajamas in Red Dot. These look soft and durable. Also, I thought both pairs of pajamas are cute enough to serve as extra tops or leggings, if needed!
  8. Long John Pajamas in Organic Cotton in Swedish Bouquet Red. Again, I love the floral with the rich jewel tones.

Stockings & Shoes

Artboard 3
  1. Knee-High Socks in Grey Stripe. I want some of these for me.
  2. Knee-High Socks in Charcoal Star. My daughter asked for these.
  3. Cozy Cotton Camp Socks in Charming. It’s always nice to have an extra-cozy pair of socks.
  4. Mix A Lot Glitter Dot Tights in Black. When wearing a lot of dresses in the winter, one needs a lot of tights! All of the tights here are Hanna Andersson. My sister bought my girls each a pair last winter and they are still soft and stretchy.
  5. Signature Ribbed Tights in Heather Grey.
  6. Mix A Lot Glitter Dot Tights in City Pink.
  7. Winterly Fair Isle Tights.
  8. Hunter Kids First in Navy. Another item I would love to wear myself. I think these could be worn with everything in this wardrobe.
  9. Swedish Boot Clogs by Hanna in Charming Suede/Silver Foil. These boots aren’t something I would normally choose, save for the fact that I know my daughter would adore them!
  10. Signature Ribbed Tights in Navy.
  11. Fringed Saddle Shoes. So classic and darling!

What do you think? Would you ever try a ten-item wardrobe concept (whether thrifted or new) for your children?  I would love to hear in the comments below!

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