This baked brie with maple roasted cranberries (pictured here, prior to baking), because it was—without doubt—the best thing I’ve eaten all year. I will definitely be making this again. Recipe here. I used a little extra maple syrup when I roasted the cranberries and I paired it with Lesley Stowe’s Cranberry and Hazelnut Raincoast Crisps (pictured) and 34° Natural Crisps.


These shaved Brussels sprouts, because vegetables are always more enticing when served with bacon and cheese. I thought this was a fun Thanksgiving side dish. Recipe here.


This maple buttermilk custard pie, because it was something new and different to try for Thanksgiving dessert. Recipe and a more artfully-crafted crust here.

20151127-_MG_7559 20151127-_MG_7565

These buttons, string and paper taped to the wall, because they are my little girl’s thoughtful additions to our Christmas décor.


This Christmas wish list, with pictures and words, because it is the cutest. It reads, “Miffy slippers, a robot, and a Miffy stuffed animal.” I think I can manage making a pair of Miffy slippers and a Miffy stuffed animal and my husband is keen on researching robots.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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