This black walnut cutting board and tea time spoon, exquisitely handcrafted by Emily of Board & Bread. I think they’re the prettiest things I own. I’m dreaming of developing my skills in artful food photography (once I find time—once my daughters are grown?!) and imagining I will feature these items often.


This Pumpkin Spice Warm Up the Day tea, which has been my go-to to start my mornings this week. A small comfort amidst the harrying demands of my mothering days.


These paper flowers, which my daughter made for me, with the help of her Nana. They were ephemeral indeed, as baby sister has already ripped them up.


This little bowl of pudding-thick drinking chocolate. It was so rich that I saw fit to tone it down…with cream. Recipe here. I used a 100% cacao baking bar, where she uses bittersweet chocolate, so it was not overly sweet.


Putting out the first of the Christmas decorations. When I took my daughters to the flower shop with me in search of garlands, the ladies expressed surprise that we were already decorating. Yet, this feels like a late start for us; I’m pretty sure we began before Halloween last year!

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