Making crafts with preschoolers is not about the finished product. Rather, it’s about teaching them how to do something new with their hands and learning how to think creatively. Hopefully, when making crafts at home, it can also be a way to spend quality time with your child and a way to break up the monotony of the day!

While my four-year-old daughter has always had lots of paper, paint, and coloring supplies available to her, I haven’t done that many structured craft projects with her. This is an area I would like to make more of an effort in, as I remember how important and engaging crafts were for me as a child. I’ve started thinking about ways I can reuse little things around the house to create quality craft times with her.


These little pint baskets originally held the beautiful cherry tomatoes for my tomato cucumber salad, and I held on to them for a project. It’s really self‑explanatory. All you need is plastic pint baskets and ribbon. Don’t bring out the glue. The best part about this project is that there is no glue! My daughter mentioned glue and I asserted that this project did not need it.

20150914-_MG_6222 20150914-_MG_6229

Somehow, this project entertained my daughter for at least half an hour! Even my one-year-old was happily occupied, just sitting on the floor in a pile of ribbon. Also, sitting with them and working on my own basket was relaxing for me. I don’t usually achieve that level of peace during the day with them! We will be making more crafts in the near future. It was a good time. In the past, I had always imagined that making crafts would be a significant part of motherhood for me. It’s just taken me awhile to get around to. We’re going to put our baskets in our makeshift playhouse in the backyard.



  1. Tell your child you are decorating pretty baskets.
  2. Let them rifle through your ribbon stash that you’ve hardly used since high school.
  3. Cut long pieces of ribbon. Show them how to weave the ribbon through the plastic slats. If they don’t get it, tell them it’s okay and show them an easier, more free-form way to assemble it. Really, I liked how my daughter’s wild, tangled basket turned out, better than my own striped one.

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